Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How Far Will You Go To Survive?

     I am so proud of myself about my progress on how much I read these past weeks! I have finished reading The River by Gary Paulsen. I mentioned in my last blog that I was reading this short story and I'm here to blog about it, before I go into all of the interesting thoughts I had about the story, Ill first update on my reading progress. This past weekend I read THREE 300 plus pages book! That's a really big shocker for me personally. Its so rare for me to actually sit down a read a book and have the feeling of not wanting to put the book down but the series I completed was really good and it was my type of book. The trilogy I read was The Selection. Its a young adult type of book, but anyone who enjoys romance, princess and princes, or even a love triangle drama *cough cough Twilight* related stories would enjoy the series. I stayed up until 1 am finishing the first book on a weekday, so the next day at school I was so tired, but that wasn't the worst feeling I had to go through. The worst feeling was to pay attention in class wondering who America will chose... wanting to read to find out instead of learning. That is one of the reason I'm hesitant to read ahaha. Since summer is coming up this means I'll have more free time, so I want to challenge myself to read at least 7 books regardless on how short or long the novel is.
     As I was reading The River by Gary Paulsen I realized it was a continued story. I should've read The Hatchet first , but I think it was fine me not reading the first book. This was an interesting fiction story of a plane crash survivor named Brian, he was wanted by this one person in particularly named Derek he was a government psychologist. Derek wanted to learn from Brian things about survival in a real life situation in the woods. This book was straight forward and I found it interesting that this story was told in third person point of view. It took me a while to catch on who was talking, but I caught on the more I read.
     Brian was a bit paranoid or more aware of his surrounding back in the city after his accident of the plane crash. His senses were all heightened. His character is strong, always looking at a situation in a positive way even if it is negative, and he always thought of the cause and effect of his action. He thought out every possibility outcome there is to a situation and really took in consideration of time. "Time was everything now ( Paulsen 81)". Most people take time for granted. It's scary to think that someone can be living one day but die the next. How many people in the world reflect on time? This made me reflect on how much I take the time to time everything or even appreciate time. I personally feel timing is everything, whether it is meeting someone that could possibly be your future spouse or timing a dinner meal, so everything is all cooked ready to eat at the same time. As in the novel, time was all Brian had. Even when he had nothing such as company or food he always had time to think and reflect to survive. Appreciation is also a feature most people lack. Time is not the only thing people take for granted. People, places, objects should all be appreciated. There is this one song that reminded me of appreciation and taking things for granted, "Let Her Go" by the Passengers. Something else I believe is everyone have a choice in everything whether it is turning left or right, wearing this or that, etc. I question those who think they don't have choice. " I had no choice ( Paulsen 80)". What exactly did Brian mean when he said this? What does no choice mean?, how? He clearly had a choice to stay or leave, so to say he had no choice made me question why he would say something in the first place.
     I loved how detailed the author was in the novel it was as if I was in the woods myself. This short story reminded me of the book The Hunger Games because both of the novels theme is survival. Katniss had to survive for her life just like Brian and both of them had to be in a survival situations multiple times. I recommend this short story to anyone to give a reality check and to go out once in a while to take a fresh air and take a break from social media even for like 10 minutes.

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